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Make Sense

Make Sense – World

Make Sense is Global Community that challenges people for social businesses. Their main objective is to boost the impact of social entrepreneurs by connecting them with supercool individuals and enabling them to take up the challenges. You can take part of the Challenges online, in their Home Page, or come in touch with your local community through their Facebook page:



Sense School

Sense School – FR

SenseSchool is a social business born in the MakeSense community whose mission is to offer students from different backgrounds the possibility to learn and innovate while solving societal and environmental issues. The idea is to have them discover social innovation in a very practical way and develop the skills from the 21st century (collaborative work methods, problem solving, empathy, creativity).. You can check a program at:




Empower –  BR

Empower is an organization that aims to give people the power to write their stories with their own hands. In High Schools, they offer a free program called “Heróis Públicos”, Public Heroes, to develop leadership competences, world awereness and to reinforce a culture of excelency among students. They also offer a program for Universitities, called UP2U, redesigning courses for a problem-based learning approach, helping students to solve great challenges.



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