#SenseDrink 2 – Lisbon PT

Out of nowhere i got an email from this guy Diogo, who wanted to talk with me about his project and about education. After saying ok to meet him, another email arrives, saying he will invite other people to the bar in his house. By them, i had no idea how that would turn out.

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#SpecialGuest 1 – Mané GB

This tag is dedicated to random citizens that apeared in the journey and are worth mention. People who gave a life lesson, and then left.

The first one is Mané, a muslim professor from Guiné Bissau that lives in Lisboa for over 10 years. He is a 60 year old black man, a bit fatter than he doctor would allow for his age, with really strong voice.

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#Project 1 – Transformers PT

Transformers is a Project that believes that getting kids envolved in things they love, help their development as human beings and help them generate a positive impact in our society.

The 9 month program begins by identifying a school that is willing to offered the space and time for the kids to Make it happen. Them, finding out what the kids want to learn is already enough diferential to take notice. Asking kids what they want is a important Step that is often forgoten. By doing this they are actually able to fuel kids dreams, instead of killing them. Them, they find a mentor, a person who will teach the kids that activity during the entire 9 month program.

Today, they have over 50 mentors and have impacted over 500 kids in two (going to the third) city, with courses like: Skate, Grafitti, Vídeo Edition, Arts, Football and others. You can check them at:

#SenseDrink 1 – Cascais PT

After a long walk in the historical part of Lisbon, i took a short trip to Cascais to meet the gang for the first Sense Drink of the Education Sense Tour. We met at the House of Wonders, a really cool bistro and galery with an astonishing roof.

We pretty much discussed only education in our 3 hour talk, and had a 10 people crew composed of 7 diferent nationalities (considering Jeff to have only one, haha). Here are some of the insights and concerns we shared:

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First Stop

Hey Guys,

My First stop will be Lisbon! I will be there just for a day, but if you want to catch up, have a coffee, lunch or just hang out feel free 😉
The Make Sense Gansters will have a Sense Drink at Cascais beach. Hope to see you there!