#School 4 – Living School FR

Knowing how to be. That is the motto of Living School, a very untraditional school in Paris. Living School has a very different aproach to the youngsters they have, kids from 3 to 10 years old. Unlike other schools, they intend to give a life experience, a significative and human one. Continue reading


#Project 5 – Oxbridge Interviews UK

Joining the elite group of students that atend to the Oxford or Cambridge houses is not easy. Some of the candidates pay small fortunes to prepare themselves for the process, and especially for the interview. Oxford is one the few places in the world that actually interviews all the students, no matter what courses they are going to atend. The interviews change a lot, and depend on a lot of diferent aspects of the students application.

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#Project 4 – The People’s Political Economy UK

The PPE propose is to Empower people from diferent communities to understand the political and economical fundaments of the economic crysis, democratising the discussion. By doing so, they allow people to better engage the problems Europe faces today, and look for new solutions.
They started study groups in diferent communities who would not have acess to the informations they provide and acess to means of study. They want to provide info on the power structures and institutions that create the system that pins them, and promete discussions on solutions and means to solve their own issues.

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#School 1 – Mondragon Team Academy SP

Team Academy methodology was created in Finland, but is rapidly assuming her place in all continents, by doing partnership with some great universities around the world. I had the chance to visit the one in Mondragon University, in the Basque Country, that has a campus in Irun, 20 min away from San Sebastian. They offer a non tradicional business course, that put students face to face with the real world of business.


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#Project 3 – Oxford Hubs UK

Oxford Hubs is the focal point for volunteering and social work in Oxford. They shelter projects manage by, or that uses the students of Oxford as volunteers. In their 3 floor building in the little town of Oxford, they run the first entirely dedicated building for student volunteering in the UK. The city allowed them to use the space as a centre for social work.

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