#School 6 – Knowmads NL

“Welcome home”. As you walk through Amsterdam into Knowmads that is the first sign you will put your eyes at.
Knowmads works around the concept of Learning Spaces, and the ideia that students are capable of taking control of their education. Which means that you must be willing to have the unknown ahead of you, and a very entrepreneurial profile.They have a coworking space, with tools and materials to test and create prototypes, that all “students” have acess to. And give you two of the most important and most negleted gifts education can give you: Tools to build what you love, and freedom to actually do it.

To enter, you must write a motivational letter and go to Amsterdam for a workshop. They call the groups that start the program a tribe, and the main criteria of selection is how well they get along in this workshop. Can you work together with someone to create something amazing? There are only two tribes simultaneously atending the school, and the older one teachs the “freshmen” to take care of the space.

During the program, you will have a lot of workshops, and talks, but don`t expect for them to fall into your lap. There are no teachers in the programa. Everyone stands on the same ground and even the Council, the group of individuals who are responsable for the program, doesn`t consider themselves as superior in any manner. That means that you are entirely responsable for what you learn.

The kind of people you will find atending Knowmads are often the ones looking for a space where they can meet incredible people (and be assured you will find them there) and looking for what they love, or to have a space to develop their passions. If you are conected with amazing people, and have the tools and freedom to do what you love, you will acomplish amazing things. And that translates Knowmads spirit.


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