#School 4 – Living School FR

Knowing how to be. That is the motto of Living School, a very untraditional school in Paris. Living School has a very different aproach to the youngsters they have, kids from 3 to 10 years old. Unlike other schools, they intend to give a life experience, a significative and human one.

There are no schedules for classes. The whole curriculum is break down in projects and kids learn by doing, experimenting and seeing how things work in the real world. They are encouraged to propose activities and projects to engage other students. They also learn different aspecs of the regular curriculum, such as cooking, gardening, and others.

In Living School kids are often asked what they want to do, what kind of impact and what legacy they want to leave. They create people who question the status quo and are interested and kind to the problems of others. People who will asume the responsability of taking up great challenges when older for they grow without the limitations most of us do: The world is their to take.

Learning how to be, and how to feel confortable in our own shoes. It`s a shame we call it alternative education.


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