#Project 5 – Oxbridge Interviews UK

Joining the elite group of students that atend to the Oxford or Cambridge houses is not easy. Some of the candidates pay small fortunes to prepare themselves for the process, and especially for the interview. Oxford is one the few places in the world that actually interviews all the students, no matter what courses they are going to atend. The interviews change a lot, and depend on a lot of diferent aspects of the students application.

Paying to atend to Oxford and Cambridge is already excludent. And to get in, many must also pay for the interviews preparation courses. Thats where Oxbridge Interviews come around. By selecting high achievers in high schools who would not be able pay for these preparatory, they offer them the oportunity to train their interviews and to have better chances of getting into this pretigious institution. They keep really low costs, only for maintening the program and allowing Oxfizz (the charity who runs the project) to grow and offer other projects.

Home Page: http://www.oxbridgeinterviews.co.uk/


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