#Project 3 – Oxford Hubs UK

Oxford Hubs is the focal point for volunteering and social work in Oxford. They shelter projects manage by, or that uses the students of Oxford as volunteers. In their 3 floor building in the little town of Oxford, they run the first entirely dedicated building for student volunteering in the UK. The city allowed them to use the space as a centre for social work.

In there you will find a lovely restaurant, a social business that doesn’t overcharge and offers great meals with discount for Oxford students. The restaurant doesn’t “profit”. All the money made by it goes to the Oxford Hub upstairs, funding their activities and making it more sustainable.


Upstairs you will find some meeting rooms and a nice living room, for a more informal conversation. Another level up, and you will find a coworking office, where the projects rent space to work and develop their activities.They also hold other activities, such as trainings, workshops and events. Besides the space, they help the projects in other means, engaging students, consulting and training the volunteers. Also, the members have acess to a whole network of people whomare making things happen in the UK.


It is an awesome initiative to create movement in colleges, and they are planing expantion to other cities very soon. If you know a space and students who are willing to make it happen, let them know. They would also love to hear from your project and help it happen in Oxford. You can check all about them at their home page bellow.

Home: http://oxfordhub.org/


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